The Immersive Training Platform includes a recommendation tool to support the adoption of immersive environments in education and training. Instructors and learning designers are presented with a questionnaire to identify their instructional context, based on resource constraints, learner’s characteristics, and learning objectives. From the identified context, a set of alternatives for educational use of immersive environments are provided. With alternatives and examples for various learning methodologies, instructors and learning designers can mobilize them according to their needs for the training action.

The recommendation tool identifies the instructional context within the conceptual space of immersion theory, which is then employed to rank the educational uses by proximity. These uses are grounded in scientific literature and resulted from a multi-year survey of panoramic studies of immersive learning research (Beck et al., 2020).


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::: Recommendation tool for use of immersive learning environments :::

This article provides a theoretical framework for the use of the Immersive Training Platform, highlighting the scientific fundamentals of the recommendation tool for educative contents.

Citation: Morgado L, Torres M, Beck D, Torres F, Almeida A, Simões A, Ramalho F, Coelho A (2022) Recommendation tool for use of immersive learning environments. 8th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN): 1-8.


::: Finding the Gaps about Uses of Immersive Learning Environments: A Survey of Surveys :::

This article details how the literature surveys on immersive learning were analysed to identify the use themes.

Citation: Beck D, Morgado L, O’Shea P (2020) Finding the Gaps about Uses of Immersive Learning Environments: A Survey of Surveys. JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 26(8): 1043-1073.