Multi Sense Experience

It is not possible to build accurate and reliable immersive training courses to explore haptic, sound and visual senses. It is necessary to involve other senses, such as heat/cold senses, smells, wind sense or even humidity, among other senses.

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Training Instructions Sets

Building effective training courses through AR/VR technologies not only requires proper and reliable 3D environments but also needs to have a proper and user-friendly interaction and storyline. In this sense, we offer a team with vast experience in training course design and 3D development that will create and setup your immersive training courses.

Based on your training objectives and specific exercises, we will design and develop your entire course, following the protocols and instructions for an effective training course.

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3D Object Design

If you are looking to enhance the effectiveness of your corporate training, consider using 3D modelling services for AR/VR solutions to provide training in a life-like environment. Our expert designers possess the needed knowledge and skillset to construct, customize and render real-time, face-value models. As a leading 3D product modelling company, we offer high-quality and reliable rendering and modelling of various objects of interest for our clients in healthcare, automotive, and many other industries.

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